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Monday, September 5, 2016

A Ride and a Party

Michael and William have been building a 1966 Mustang convertible from the frame up for several years. It has been a fantastic experience for the two of them and it will forever be in William's family. They discuss every new twist to the car but now it is ready for paint. They are going with the original color of the car, green.

Yesterday, we drove the car down the coastisde, with the top down and in the fog, to a very fancy campground for rich people. They have a nice restaurant there and no tourists know about it so it is never crowded. It was a beautiful drive down, the heaters going full blast as I looked for whales. They were not in sight. We split a hamburger then drove back up the coast. Whenever we take it out for a drive, we take a photo in front of our destination and message it to William. He messaged back that it looked great.

Last evening, we were so happy to spend the evening with Rick and Natalie but especially Melanie, who is returning to college in two weeks. She has declared her major as math, which made my head hurt talking with her about her upcoming classes as a junior.

Natalie worked so hard for many years to finally receive her Master's Degree in Nursing in May, while working full time. With her degree in hand, she was offered a teaching position at the local junior college with an exceptional nursing program. They have been in session for two weeks and she is definitely feeling the overwhelming work of a first-year teacher. Before the year began, I suggested that she should book a vacation during their spring break as she is going to need to rest and relax. Sitting around a pool would be perfect. She laughed last night and said she got why I had mentioned it. She is already in need of a break. The second year is going to be so much easier but that first year is really a lot of work.

Today is going to be quiet. I need to water the yards, clean the refrigerator, clean the vents over the stove, iron, and pay some bills. A week from today, my brother leaves and Michael's sister arrives. A week. I'll be ready.

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