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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Back Into the City

Orchestra rehearsal was fun last night. Gerry, my Scorpio bass playing partner, was there and we had not seen each other since last March. I asked her to me reminded of her name and she laughed out loud! It is so much more fun when she is at the rehearsals. We whisper. We giggle. We tell stories about what is going on in our lives all while listening to the conductor rehearse other sections. We worked on Beethoven's Second Symphony, which I don't think I have ever played. So Beethoven.

I will be paying bills on my way to the rehab class this morning then Michael and I will meet at the house for the drive up to the board meeting at my university hospital. They serve snacks but they are hearty enough for our dinner. The meeting is to end at 6:00 but we usually don't drive off the campus until 6:45ish. Michael is usually very talkative after these meetings. For someone who had never been on a board or given a formal speech, he has become so comfortable in the meeting setting that he makes good points and is not afraid to give his opinion. Growth! Love that.

After the 2.5 mile walk along the ocean yesterday morning, I definitely felt my thighs and hips right after the walk but nothing is stiff or sore this morning. We plan to walk again this weekend and love the early morning because the trail is not busy and we feel we have the ocean to ourselves. During rehab today, I am interested to see if my breathing is better than last week. The more I exercise, the better my breathing.

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