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Friday, September 9, 2016

Can You Hear Me?

Michael is one happy boy. His ears have been blocked for a long time but he didn't complain. We recently tried to clean them, got some gunk out but still, one ear was totally blocked and the other was just a bit better. After his haircut and shave, we went to Kaiser to have his ears cleaned. Free! We met a great guy who loved his job and he gave it a good college try but the ears would not clear. Finally, he set up a quick appointment with a ENT and magic happened! The doctor even let me see the blockage! It was fascinating! No wonder the water pressure wouldn't help. Both ears were blocked and he had to use a metal tool to remove all the wax. It was a lot. Suddenly, Michael could hear. He said he noticed his breathing, the squeaking of his shoes and even noticed the sound of the sheets when he climbed into bed that night. It was so loud, it almost hurt! By the morning, his brain had adjusted to it.

My liver needed a sonogram to make sure it was behaving itself. The tech was so much fun and we talked throughout the entire hour-long test. I got the results, my liver is very slightly changed but they also checked other organs including the gall bladder, bladder, kidneys, pancreas and stomach. It was a deep relief to read such a positive multi-organ report.

Before the test, I ran into Sally, who is the Head RN of the Lung Transplant Clinic and our ILD Support Group. They are throwing their annual luncheon in a couple of weeks and I told her I felt strange attending since I only went to one meeting. She said to come. She wanted me there. So, I think I will! She also mentioned how I looked like a teenager and so thin. I think I am probably almost ten pounds lighter than the last time we saw each other. 

Because it was such an early appointment and I had to drive Michael over the pass to pick up his car, we were on the road very early. After the test, I hit four food stores and bought everything for the company. I was exhausted and spent.

I have been checking things off my to-do list and hope to finish the front yard and windows after mom's PT appointment this morning. Tomorrow is going to be the biggest push to have everything ready for our company coming on Sunday. 

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