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Friday, September 16, 2016

Home Alone

Home alone. Anna and Doug left yesterday morning for their drive down the coast for the night before heading home to the desert today. They had a fantastic time. Wednesday, we walked the closed road near the tunnel right along the ocean. The whales were in bloom! They were mesmerizing.  There were four different pods rather close to the shore and were breeching. We must have watched for an hour. We finally pulled ourselves away and, while heading back to the car, Doug stopped all the other hikers to tell them where to find the whales and even pointed out a few. I have never seen him so excited.

From there we took them to lunch at a restaurant just on the other side of the tunnel, right on the ocean. Crab sandwiches. A total hit. But, the big surprise was spumoni! Both he and Michael said it was the best they have eaten in years and so often hard to find. A bonus!

Tuesday's pedicure - Anna's third one ever
We got back to the house and I fell into bed for a two-hour nap. The night before, Anna and I got talking until almost 2AM and I was exhausted. After I woke up from the nap, I was going to cook a simple dinner of potstickers but NO! Doug suggested that we go back again to the place they had walked to for lunch the day before for a lite dinner because locals get 20% off on Wednesdays! We sat outside, no wind and watched the sunset over the harbor while having another lovely seafood dinner. After we got home, Anna and I went for a long walk in our neighborhood then I fell into bed.

Last night, Michael went to the SF Giants game while I played a gig with the Irish Fiddlers in town. It was not my best performance as I was just exhausted. Always fun, our neighbors Lisa and Mike hung out with us, there was a good audience but I was not filled with performance energy.

Today, I need to food shop with I am over the pass with my mom. We are going to spend the day together then have a nice lunch. My plans for the weekend? NOTHING. I need to rest and nap and stop or I am going to get sick.

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