Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


We felt a bit of guilt holding up rush hour traffic while crossing the highway to the ocean yesterday morning. We only met a couple of bicyclists during our walk, the water was calm, there was no wind and we so enjoyed ourselves. I must say that we didn't walk the distance I thought we would and I even accepted a ride home from the highway when Leslie saw us stopped while I caught my breath. After a shower, I bought and shipped some Peet's to send to Mary in Knoxville along with my brother's smoked trout. She is going to be so happy. I needed gas and meat for dinner and a few item at CVS. After a run by the post office to mail my sister's birthday card, I headed to rehab class. It was so nice to see everyone after being gone last week. Though the years, I have become more appreciative of the people and conversations. It makes working out so much easier!

Within an hour, I am heading to the city for the ILD Support Meeting Luncheon. Lots of conversations! Lots of fun!

In general, I feel better this morning and seem to be recovering from the company and gigs. The exercise helps and I am sleeping so well at night. It just takes time to build up my stamina again. I am a bit worried because I have a long drive to and from the luncheon and an orchestra rehearsal tonight. Tomorrow is going to be rough as I have an early eye doctor appointment then pulmonary rehab.

I feel like I am limping into the weekend.

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