Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, September 23, 2016

Maybe Bluegrass

One does not expect to get a possible gig for their "bluegrass" group when meeting with a very cool glaucoma doctor but, that is what happened yesterday. He is involved with a jazz camp with a connection, has become an excellent jazz pianist and asked for my Irish Fiddling business card when I told him about the group. Bluegrass began as Irish music and evolved over time. We also play it a well as Scottish music. The possible gig is with a high respected jazz organization in the city. Talk about cool!

I stumbled to the rehab class, met up with Sherman and, while chatting, I realized that I was falling asleep! I was totally exhausted and just wanted to go home. So, after paying for parking and changing into my workout shoes, I left before the class began to do the food shopping then headed home. Michael was already there and was not surprised that I slept for over two hours before making a simple roasted chicken for dinner. Last night, I fell into bed at 8:30PM and didn't move at all during the night until 6AM. I feel so much better this morning.

The plan for the weekend is to slow down, rest, sleep, cook good food and enjoy the weather. It is going to be 80 degrees on the coast on Sunday and Monday. That is hot for us!

Today, it's just mom and me. Together. Talking, of course!

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