Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


It is still dark but the sky is beginning to lighten and is the backdrop for dark silhouettes of the trees and mountains. I love this time of the morning. As soon as we get a quick bite to eat, we are putting on our walking shoes and hitting the coastal trail. Our new resolution. Michael wants to lose some weight and I want to get my breathing back. After showers, I will get some cards and a gift for Mary in the mail before going over the pass for the pulmonary rehab class. Sherman and I haven't seen each other in a week! He will have lots to tell me. I will hop on the scale while there as I think I have lost weight since seeing the nutritionist before the company.

The Irish Fiddlers had a rehearsal last evening and it was so warm, we played on Leslie's front porch. Ron, next door, was outside washing his car so he could enjoy the music. Kelly and Kevin on the other side came by with their sweet daughter for a few minutes.

We live in a great neighborhood.

I contacted Dr. K. yesterday regarding her request that I speak with her CF patient who needs to have the GERD surgery called a Nissen Fundoplication. Dr. K. gave me her contact information, I phoned her last week, left a message but have not heard from her. I didn't want Dr. K. to think I never contacted her. Her reply? "You can lead a horse to water..."

I swear we are becoming friends.

Tomorrow should be fun. It is the 8th Annual Luncheon of my ILD Support Group and will feature the top brass at the hospital, head of the pulmonary program, recent lung transplant recipients and some special guests. I usually bump into people I haven't seen in awhile and I always seem to be the last person to leave.

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