Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Sunday, September 11, 2016


I made it! I am ready for the company to begin to arrive within hours. Mom, Chip and Betty. It was one heck of a day yesterday and I was totally spent by 7:45 when I fell into bed last night. The yards and windows and cleaning the swing were finished by 11:00 then I began cooking. Boy, did I cook. It was 6:30PM by the time I was finished. Non-stop. I even did the laundry and ironed while waiting for the barbacoa to finish cooking.

Because I would drive myself nuts by weighing myself every 10-minutes, I do not have a scale in the house. Today is a day I wish I could weigh myself. I usually have the clues of my weight by how my wrists look, the looseness of my watch and the size of my ankles. This morning, I think I am the lowest weight I have been since 1989. A long time. Even my smallest rings are twirling on my fingers.

After showers, Michael is going over the pass to bring mom to the house for the day. Chip and Betty are due around noon or a bit later. They will be leaving tomorrow morning. I so wish they could stay a few more days but, the other company is due tomorrow around noon.

Everything is done and cooked and baked so now I can do nothing but enjoy everyone. And try to remember to take lots of photos!

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