Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Recovery Day One

The coughing has begun! My saturation numbers are awful! Both proof that I did too much and slept too little and had waaaay too much fun with our recent company. My plan? I am doing paperwork and not much else today. I plan to sleep and to rest and to be bored. On Monday, to get my health back, I will begin with daily exercise. Not too hard, not too long but everyday.

I really did have a marvelous time with all the company and I do miss having people around.

Yesterday, Mom and I ran a bunch of errands and shared a Nordstrom lunch before I did a quick run in Trader Joe's. There is food in the house! I am going to make some Scotch Eggs for our breakfasts for the next few days.

So me. On the couch. Napping. Resting. Reading. That is where I will spend the majority of my day today.

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