Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Rehab class felt fantastic. I realized that nothing hurt when I jumped onto the treadmill. The torn tendons in my hip seem to be completely healed, the tendons in my shoulder have also healed after many months and there was no knee pain at all. Everything seemed to be happy. I was dripping wet when I finished the routine but I felt stronger and was breathing so well yesterday.

When I started the liquid diet to lose weight to get under the 25 BMI required for lung transplants years ago, I had problems being cold, especially at night. I would shiver for hours at night even underneath piles of blankets. After my body adjusted to the 800-calorie liquid diet, supervised by a doctor and nutritionist at my university hospital, I no longer shivered at night. 

Yesterday, I was busy. After a simple breakfast of a Wasa cracker with peanut butter and a lunch in the car on the way to rehab of a child's hamburger from McDonalds and we had six shrimp with cabbage for dinner. Some dear friends dropped by afterwards so I never ate anything else before jumping into bed. I was cold and shivering for most of the night, which made me realized that I had not eaten enough food and calories.

Michael and I are spending the entire day together, which means I will probably have a hearty lunch. We have to drop his car off again then get back here for his haircut and a shave before he has a doctor's appointment this afternoon.

The poor guy has been struggling with his left ear. It is blocked. We have cleaned it but have not been able to clear the blockage but did get some brown wax out of his ear. We finally threw in the towel and made an appointment to have them cleaned, back over the pass, at 2:00PM. 

Lots of driving today. Lots of time in a car together. Lots of time to make sure we have everything covered in preparation of our company coming on Sunday. 

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