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Monday, September 26, 2016

Still Sizzling

It was so hot yesterday, we slept with just our robes covering us until later in the night when our feet got cold. Today will also be hot but a huge cool down is expected tomorrow. At mom's, it will be in the 90s but here on the coast, only in the high 70s. Still too hot! Mom and I don't have anything we have to do today but I think we will seek out some air conditioning!

I have a scary busy week ahead. One of these days, I hope to have a day off! Crazy. Michael and I did get away yesterday for a fish lunch at the harbor. Since the 49ers and Giants both had games, the traffic was not too horrible. My plan is to not panic and take one day at a time.

Today - piece of cake. Mom and I together. We had a planned rehearsal of the Irish Fiddling group at 6:00 but I think everyone decided they wanted to stay home and watch the debate. If they change it to tomorrow, Leslie can't be there until 7PM, which means I only play for 30-minutes. Hardly worth the effort.

Tuesday - the dreaded doctor appointment. I am meeting with the Urology Faculty Practice at my university hospital in the city regarding my constant UTIs. After completing the packet of paperwork, it is clearly written that if one does not arrive with a full bladder, the appointment will be cancelled and the person will never be allowed to be seen in the clinic again. Wow. So, I have to be at the appointment at 8AM and it takes about an hour to get there, but this is during rush hour. Need to build in extra time. With a full bladder. And I will probably arrive early. With a full bladder. They also warned that it is a several hour appointment. I am very nervous about it all. Afterward, I have pulmonary rehab, if I feel like it. Oh, and the Irish Fiddling rehearsal that evening.

And that's just today and tomorrow.

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