Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, September 30, 2016


Michael had asked Mark to drive him over the pass to pick up another friend's car at the mechanic's but it happened at 7AM. We woke up at 6:40. It was madness. He was brushing his teeth when Mark arrived, he spit and they took off.

I was still reeling with sleep in my eyes! Coffee. I did my morning stuff, cleaned the kitchen, made the bed, organized myself for the day when - knock, knock, knock. What? I was not at all expecting to see his cute little face peeking at me through the glass. He was back. What an unexpected surprise.

It occurred to him that he really had nothing he had to do and he came home. I finished making the bed and getting dressed, we ran errands and paid bills in town before going to our favorite sandwich place to pick up lunch to bring home. I so did not expect my day to turn into this! I was going to the rehab class, which I called to cancel it.

Then, the unexpected happened. I took a two hour nap! It was delightful!

Wakey Wakey! We had to get to the city for the board meeting. All I can report is that is was so interesting and I have volunteered to work on a project.

It was now 6:30 and we were driving down the coast. Michael, in his brilliance, turned to me and asked, "Can I split a crab sandwich with you?" Oh my! Yes! Another unexpected treat! We enjoyed a quick dinner together and, as I climb into bed last night, I gave thanks for such a nice day together. It unfolded in unexpected ways.

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