Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Jig or Two

It was quite a night. The Irish Fiddlers played a tiny bar on a Friday night in a town just north of us. We were in the far corner, windows were opened but it was so hot that all of us were dripping wet. Fortunately, I was playing far away from everyone so I was not worried about illness in the crowd and was able to half-sit on the window sill so I didn't have to stand all night. I was feeling better than Thursday but still tired. Earlier in the day, Mom and I had been together for her doctor's appointment and some lunch. Michael was seeing an old work friend for most of the time we played and I was so happy to see him when he arrived. I was ready to get home. All in all, it was a terrible venue, especially on a Friday night. It was a bit too much.

In my cold news, I am feeling better with very little coughing lately. I think the inhalers helped a lot. There are no plans for today other than some cooking. And a long nap. Lots of work needs to be done tomorrow as well as Halloween cooking in preparation of Ethan, Natalie, Winnie and Oliver's visit on Monday night.

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