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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cleaning Bug

It was a good night, great rehearsal, my brain hurt from having to think so hard and there were not many people there so my bass rang out. Kinda fun. I remember falling into bed but nothing afterward. I was dead.

Michael walked into town for his dentist appointment yesterday. It was a beautiful, warm day and he did it in a t-shirt and jeans. It's October! After his teeth cleaning, I met him at the Barber Shop for a haircut. We had to reschedule his shave. Lunch in town was followed by a trip over the pass to grocery shop. While I was putting away the groceries, I heard the mower and looked out into the garden to see Michael cutting the grass for me. His idea. Without saying a word. Just did it.

While I was at the rehearsal last night, he noticed that there was dust on the rug under the couch in the living room. Apparently, he grabbed the vacuum, noticed it was dusty so he took it apart, cleaned it, moved the couch to vacuum the rug then he thought of our bedroom. He had noticed that there was dust between the bed and the wall so he moved all the furniture off that wall, vacuumed everything then put it all back. Did I mention that he also went through the house to catch any cobwebs in the corners? He was so excited to show me everything after I got home. A better gift to me than flowers or chocolates!

We have been invited to a 5-year old's birthday party on Saturday afternoon. They are friends of British Don and own a group of restaurants in the city. The only reason we can go is that it is in a park. I won't be inside around kids and their back-to-school germs. So, today I need to buy a little something for this sweet young girl.

I am looking forward to working out in rehab today. We have a quiet evening tonight but Friday is going to be nuts. Mom has a PT appointment very early, I have a dentist appointment at noon and I have to leave the house at 4:30 for the Irish Fiddling gig in at barn at the ranch south of town. Then, a performance.

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