Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, October 10, 2016

Hitting the Road Early

We walked 6,000 steps along the ocean at 7AM yesterday morning. It felt fantastic but it was so cold. I found myself sitting on the couch in the sun trying to get warm afterwards and maybe there was a bit of nap! We ate lunch while watching the F1 race from Japan (horribly boring race) and I made Ancho Macho Chili for dinner. It was a several hour process.

I have to be out the door within the hour so we will be on time for surgery on mom's right eye at 8:30 deep in Palo Alto. Trying to get there during rush hour will be a challenge but I hope that people are staying home because of Columbus Day. She is having a laser treatment to help relieve pressure in her eye. Afterward, I have a noon appointment at Costco to complain about my contacts and try new ones.

An interesting week ahead includes an ILD Support Group about new drug trials and a planned drive down the coast to visit Carmel, two rehearsals and another doctor appointment for mom. Busy.

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