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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Let the Pumpkins Begin

While I was at two doctor's appointments with mom, Michael took a long walk on the beach at the water's edge. He told me walking on the sand was a challenge, he perspired and felt it in his thighs! He is determined to lose another ten pounds so we are planning an early Sunday morning walk on the trail along the bluffs. Our treat will be a Formula 1 race from Malaysia and breakfast after we walk home. Sounds like a perfect Sunday!

My gardens are a mess. I never cut the grass last week so it is knee-high. Well, almost. Michael surprised me by beginning his weekly hacking away at a large white fir tree that has grown too big and is beginning to send its roots towards our garage foundation. Two garden recycle containers were filled and he even cut up the logs. He plans to take it down branch by branch until it is gone, saving us several thousands of dollars!

I feel like I have struggled through two weeks of major appointments but now there seems to be some daylight in next week's calendar. Yes, still rehearsals and rehab but fewer appointments. Thank goodness.

The pumpkins are in the fields along the little road over the pass. The tourists will begin to make their trek over the mountain in search of the perfect pumpkin. It begins today. For the next month, the weekends will be impossible, the road will be jammed with traffic and our lives will be put on hold until Halloween. It brings a lot of money into our little town, not only spent on the pumpkins, but people need food and gas and other things they didn't even know they needed! In two weeks, several hundred thousand people will make their way to our town for Pumpkin Festival weekend. Lots of food and music and crafts. Fall. My favorite season.

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