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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Lung Transplant Clinic Calling!

The Lung Transplant Clinic phoned while we were in the car on our way to Nancy's. Emily explained to me that the doctor had noted that the clinic needed to see me for a series of tests every six-months. These tests will include urine, feces, PFTs, 6-minute walk and an echo cardiogram.

Rather brilliant.

When speaking with one of the guys in my rehab class, I asked how they knew he was sick enough but well enough for the transplant. He told me that his doctor had been watching him and was able to catch him as he was falling. I often wondered how that worked. Now I know. With these tests every six-months, they are able to see the trends and if the numbers begin to fall outside that trend, they know the crash has begun.

It's not that I'm looking forward to have these tests, especially the 6-minute walk. This one will be six minutes of walking as far as possible WITHOUT OXYGEN! After a quick break, another 6-minute walk with oxygen. I remember being totally spent afterwards.

The house is going to be decorated for Halloween today, it is going to be around 80 degrees here on the coast and we are expecting the onslaught of pumpkin tourists to invade our town beginning today to Halloween. Traffic was even backed up yesterday at 2PM with pumpkin people. It always opens up after we pass the pumpkin patches.

Today is British Don's birthday so we might meet him at the restaurant right on the ocean for a cocktail this afternoon. He made it! Quadruple bi-pass surgery a couple of years ago. Retired. His daughter is expected a baby and also invited him to spend the holidays with her in Nashville. He is happy.

Let the Fall and holiday seasons begin! Oh my.

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