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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Surprise Party

So, I thought I had everything covered yesterday. HA! After posting, I re-read an email from Leslie about the potluck and it was FRIDAY NIGHT not Saturday! And, I had promised to bring three items for the potluck - Pumpkin Rolls, Caramel Corn and Open-Faced Ham and Cheese Hot Sandwiches.

I was in trouble. How was I going to get these done by 6:30?

Moms PT appointment went well and she was doing so much better with her balance and her back pain. We really loved the woman we are working with as she seemed to enjoy mom. Afterward, we went to an early lunch at Applebee's for some Sriracha Shrimp then I drove her home.

I was home by 1:00.

The TV was blaring, all the cabinets were opened, the counters were stacked with stuff and the sink was filled with dirty dishes when Michael showed up at 2:00. By then, I had the Pumpkin Rolls cooling on the counter and the popcorn popped. I finished off the Caramel Corn in the oven, spread the frosting on the pumpkin cake and rolled it up and the butter with minced onions and mustard for the sandwiches was ready.

I was already exhausted from the week and the evening rehearsals so by 5:00, I was done. But wait! Now I had to get ready to also play with the Irish Fiddling group plus two members of a highly regarded Scottish Fiddling group.

After making and cooking the sandwiches, we gathered all the food and delivered it to Leslie's, rolled my bass over and then magic happened. For the first time in years, Michael also hauled his guitar to the party. Leslie told him to bring it along. It was amazing to stand next to each other and to play together for the first time in decades. He did really well and Dave, the really great guitarist, played it later in the evening. Wouldn't let it go. It is a really nice guitar.

After a very long week and feeling totally worn out, we had a fantastic time playing with a few new people, enjoying some special food, playing next to each other and being out in the world on a Friday night.

Today? The couch with the clicker and a book. All day. Well, maybe I should clean the kitchen and the refrigerator. We'll see.

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