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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Back to the Other Rehab

I have not been going to the other rehab. Mom has had a lot of early morning doctor appointments and I really haven't been feeling very well. At rehab class yesterday, Sara (RN) gave me the stink eye and a gentle nudge so I am heading over the pass early this morning to return to my former routine. I also told her I would see her there on Friday morning.

Sara also told me that my friends at the other rehab were really worried about me and asked her if I was okay. That was very sweet! So, this morning I am probably going to talk a lot more than my workout. It will be good to be back.

After the workout, I am running down the Peninsula to Home Goods to see if they have red napkins and some Christmas decorations. Michael and I will be also searching for STAX and other goodies tomorrow after his doctor's appointment.

My poor gardens are a mess. I quickly walk by the front yard and try not to look through the back windows. My goal Saturday is to cut the grass and begin to trim the plants for the holiday. The windows are also a mess so I will use my handy Windex Wand and, within minutes, have shining clean windows for a week or so. No rain predicted for a few days.

At the Irish Fiddling rehearsal last night, we practiced several Christmas songs and one had a special Irish twist. One person was a little freaked out, I just winged it and it was simple. No problem. The rest of the group was a bit frustrated by this person's constant freakout if the chords are exactly the way the music is written. Every stroke of a chord is needed in his music. If a chord is held for 4 measures and they are strumming it twice a measure, he has to write in each stroke of that chord. At a break, the head singer turned around to me and said, "I so love playing with you. You just do it." I said, "I'll tell you my secret. I'm old and have lots of experience. I can wing anything." He laughed and it lightened the mood.

It's Beethoven tonight. The orchestra has seven more rehearsal before the February concert. I still don't have a lot of it under my hand. I love when I get to the point where I don't need to count or even think but my fingers just go to the right notes. I can begin to play musically and not just playing the notes. That is where the magic happens. That is when I walk away from a concert feeling exhilarated. That is the goal. Not there yet.

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