Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Begin Testing for Lung Transplants

My fun project for today - to collect 24-hours of urine. Yes, lots of fun. I am staying home all day so I don't miss a drop. Even more strange is that is has to be stored in the refrigerator. Guess what will be totally cleaned on Thursday afternoon!

While home today, I will be paying some bills, writing a letter, preparing the house for the housekeepers in the morning, cutting the grass and writing a list of things to do before I leave the house at 6AM tomorrow when the long drive into the city begins. Here is my schedule for the morning:

7:30 -  I need to be in the lab to drop off my "samples" and have a fasting blood test.
I have been instructed to eat a light meal after the blood test.
9:00 - Echocardiogram with Bubble Study
10:00 - Spirometry with Diffusing Capacity, Arterial Blood Gas, & 6-Minute Walk
11:45 - Pre-Lung Transplant Follow Up with Pulmonologist

I will crawl home and probably sleep. Our lovely neighbors, Lisa and Mike have invited us to an early dinner to our favorite dive in the little town down the coast. That is going to be my mental Zen place for the day as I am going through all the tests. Something to look forward to.

Since I have such a limited time to get out of here in the morning, I won't blog tomorrow but will let you know how it all went. It was tough in rehab class yesterday so I am expecting my numbers to be below my norms. A bit nervous about it all but, apparently, they will have me jump through these hoops every six months so I am sure it will become just another routine.

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