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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Birthday Wrap-up

I am looking forward to working out in the rehab class today. After Tuesdays class, I felt so much better, my energy was up and my breathing was so much better. After the class, I will do some food shopping and make the most delicious Pumpkin Rolls to take with us to Lisa and Mike's early Thanksgiving dinner on Friday night. About 22 people will be there. Oh my. We don't want to stay for dinner as I don't do well in crowds - always worried someone is sick or getting sick. We are planning to enjoy some appetizers and conversations before walking home.

We had a lovely day together for my birthday yesterday. Nothing fancy or special to eat as it was all about a beautiful drive along the ocean and spending time together. And we had fun at the casino. We only stayed for a couple of hours then headed back home. The weather was warm and we didn't hit any traffic. I was in bed by 7PM.

In scary news, William texted last night that he was very close to major shootings in Seattle but wanted to let us know he was okay. I was already asleep but when I saw the shootings on the news this mornings, I was concerned but happy when I checked my phone. Deep breath. No matter how old they get, I guess we parents still worry.

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