Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Yesterday, Michael dropped in to the coffee shop where our dear old friend still works at 70-years of age. Her daughter found us on Facebook last weekend and he told her that he would drop in this week. She was thrilled and they sat and relived many happy memories. Her life has been difficult. She was a kind person married to an alcoholic. She constantly tried to help and make life as easy as possible to a point that she hoped he wouldn't drink his beer. Retirement sent him into a downward spiral. Long story short is he now lives in another state in a convalescent home after having a heart attack and finding cirrhosis of the liver. He is Michael's age. After Thanksgiving, I am going to drop in to see her before my rehab class. She really wants to see me and we girls will talk about stuff a bit differently than the guys. I plan to do a lot of listening.

I was dying through the orchestra rehearsal last night. It was Beethoven. It was hard. There are only seven more rehearsals and I was sight reading a movement last night. Not feeling very confident! My brain hurt and I was physically tired. Michael hauled my bass into the house while I fell into bed and don't remember anything else.

We are moving quickly this morning as we are preparing the house for the housekeepers and then out the door to the city. My dermatology appointment is very deep in the city and traffic will be a challenge. But, I am not driving! Nice! It should be a nice day together.

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