Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, November 14, 2016

It's a Monday

I did nothing yesterday. With only the best intentions, I did nothing. It was rather telling that last night, I slept the entire night without waking for the first time in weeks. I was exhausted and needed to just take it easy.

Today, mom has a dentist appointment in my town early this morning. It is predawn here and I have to be showered and out the door by 7:30AM. Early. I have a plan that after her appointment, we will drive up the coast so she can see the ocean and head to a northern shopping mall. Mom is a major shopper but only buys items on sale or with coupons or both!

We spoke with the dear old friend yesterday. Her daughter found me on Facebook, connected with us and bingo. Michael is going to drop in at her work this week. She is 70-years old and still a waitress doing the 5AM shift three days a week. Amazing. It was most interesting to hear that her son had a liver transplant several years ago. He had immune issues as a child and his liver finally failed. I am heartened to hear any success stories about organ transplants! She had a massive stroke with many side effects but had no rehab. Instead, she went back to work where she got her right arm to work again and she had to fight to regain her speech so she could take orders from her customers. One tough cookie.

For so many years, we never really talked with others about my health. "How is your wife?" they would ask Michael. "Doing well!" Fine. Good. People don't really want to hear the details. Lately, when asked how I am doing, I have been replying, "We began the lung transplant process last week." I have been surprised how people are so stunned. I guess we didn't lay any groundwork to this next phase and it is rather shocking to people. It is also my opportunity to educate people about the process, which I try to do in just a few sentences.

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