Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, November 11, 2016

Keep Exercising

I swear, it is all about exercising. My numbers have been down, oxygen stats stunk and I was feeling awful. Ever since the rehab class on Tuesday, my breathing is better, I am feeling more energetic and my numbers in rehab yesterday were huge! Treadmill - 95%. Bike - 96%! (On 2 liters of O2.)

From rehab to Trader Joe's to buy groceries for the week, I still had energy! Michael haul everything into the house for me and surprised me by doing all the yard work AND even vacuumed the rugs in the family and living rooms. Amazing man. What a gift.

I didn't even pause before making Michael's "Eggs a Different Way" for the next several breakfasts and the Pumpkin Rolls for tonight's party at Lisa and Mike's across the street. By the time it was all done and the kitchen was cleaned up, I was exhausted. It took time to catch my breath and I fell into bed at 8:00.

Today, mom and I have a toe nail appointment here in town. We always have fish tacos afterwards and show off our new, fancy polish to the staff. They know us well!

My sister's family is cooking Thanksgiving this year. We will have a bit of a drive but it should be fun. Since my sister retired last month, they have been purging and cleaning and organizing. They are having fun and adjusting well to this new phase of life!

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