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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Plans Changed

Within minutes of posting yesterday, all plans changed. No shopping. No meeting Michael for lunch. Instead, I talked him into going with me to Thursday's dermatology appointment, shopping at the new Filson store with his birthday money then we will drive back to the university campus for our late afternoon board meeting. Bingo!

So, now I had the day free. Rain was due by noon so I hurried into the gardens by 9AM, cut the grass and trimmed the back yard. The hydrangeas have been trimmed back. I finished near noon, came into the house, cleaned up and walked back to the front of the house to make lunch when I noticed it was raining! I had finished within a few minutes before the rains began!

Today's hair appointment was postponed to Monday so I have nothing on the calendar until orchestra rehearsal tonight. I have a list of things to do plus I have to get ready for the appointment tomorrow. Since I take azothioprine, I am not protected from the sun and must be check for pre-cancer spots every year. I have well over a dozen suspicious ones that need to be "frozen." In the morning, Michael will take a pen and circle the ones I can't reach and I will mark the rest of them. I don't want to forget to point any out to the doctor.

There is one of my left thumb that is concerning. It showed up two years ago, just after the yearly appointment then it was burned off last year. It is not really gone. I have a feeling the doctor is going to want to remove it for testing. Left thumb. That is the anchor thumb that works so hard finding the notes on the finger board of my string bass. If surgery is needed, I may not play for awhile. That's not good!

At Sunday's concert, the orchestra's flute player was wearing the coolest glasses. She told me she bought them online, they were very inexpensive and fun. Yesterday, I ordered a pair. They were so inexpensive that if they are awful, I'll just wear them around the house.

The sun is shining! I have the day ahead relatively free! It should be fun.

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