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Friday, December 16, 2016

A Busy Day Off

My mom is very careful about the food she eats. At times in her life, she had an eating disorder and just could not eat. When she moved closer to me about five years ago, she was hardly eating at all. Times have changed. She had a dentist appointment in my coastal town yesterday afternoon so we had lunch at the little place we went to a couple of weeks ago. I had learned that they served malted milk shakes. She hadn't enjoyed one since she was 12-years old and suffering from having her braces tightened. We split an amazing pulled pork sandwich and I watched in utter awe as she finished off a large chocolate malted milkshake! It made going to the dentist afterwards a bit easier.

A huge storm blew through as we drove the pass and popped in and out of the car. We even stopped by the house so she could see all of our Christmas decorations.

Friday is usually our day together but we have seen each other Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Today is a true day off for me. The carpets are going to be cleaned this afternoon but this morning, I am going to the store then the refrigerator is going to be cleaned, my lists updated, my paperwork filed, the kitchen cabinets wiped down and some presents to be wrapped. The weekend should be rather quiet as it is too wet to cut the grass. That is on the list for Tuesday. Somehow, we need to shop for Christmas presents!

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