Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, December 23, 2016


A couple of photos: First photo is Tim warming up at the Irish Fiddling goat farm gig on Wednesday evening. The goats were fascinated!

And here is just a peek of the centerpiece of our dinner. It is a Kransekake. Almond paste rings of pastry in the form of a Christmas tree with several Norwegian flags and Christmas decorations. 

We started our day at Safeway for the majority of items. Michael hauled it all in while I put things away. A team. We then headed to the organic market to get pumpernickel bread and grenadine for the Norwegian cocktail. Over the pass! I delivered gifts to the RNs at the rehab class before we picked up the meat at the butcher's. No lines! We were so early we beat everyone to the punch! Then, Trader Joe's for the nuts, produce and cheeses. With all the important items on ice, we drove to the bakery on the Avenue to pick up the cake and cookies. By noon, we were home, unpacked and looking for lunch. We celebrated our hard work with lunch at the place I took mom last week. Michael even had a chocolate malted! Last evening, Rick and Natalie had us over to their house for a nice get together. A lovely way to end a busy day!

Ah, but today? Floors and carpets need attention, the bar table will be set up, the spicy nuts will be made for our annual exchange of homemade goodies with the neighbors and British Don is due for a visit around 2PM. He became a grandfather yesterday! A grandson, Wyatt! The champagne is cold and ready. 

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