Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, December 30, 2016


I dropped in at the cafe to visit our former neighbor, who I had not seen in over twenty years. She looked at me then broke into a huge smile. We hugged then sat, chatted and got caught up on our children and her grandchildren and even her great-grandchild. So many memories of our time together when Michael and I were newly married. She lives about 90-minutes north of us and I have promised that we would drive up for a visit in 2017. It would be marvelous to see her children.

My numbers in rehab were pretty good, a little coughing, but nothing awful. Sherman did not show up but I phoned him to break the news of Caveman's sudden death. He was as shocked and I had been. Unbelievable. I did encourage him to come to class next week as I heard he was struggling with a bit of depression due to his breathing issues. Being around the bunch of us should lift his spirits.

Since I am so careful with my diet, we rarely go out to dinner. We like to have a nice lunch out once in a while as it usually offers smaller portions and I can digest it all not having to go right to bed afterwards. Last night, Randy T. met us at the fish taco place and we had a lovely, delicious and interesting two-hour dinner. We felt like such adults and were amazing at all the Christmas lights as we drove home. We had not been out and about in the evenings before Christmas!

Mom and I will be hanging out today. No doctors. Nothing on the calendar so that means some shopping and lunch! Just being together.

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