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Sunday, December 18, 2016

One Week Away

The sky is just beginning to be the background for the black branches of the trees and the large hills behind us. I love this time of day. The house is quiet and the Christmas lights are on. Michael is still in bed, a rare event. He usually is the first one of us up and moving in the morning. But, he had a Boys Night Out at Mark's house last night, just a mile away. Thankfully, Wayne's son arrived to drive them all home around 1AM. He was "happy" when he climbed into bed.

I always love seeing older men hanging out and talking together. We women can connect even in lines of the grocery stores. But, men? Not as open. It is good for him to hang out with the younger crowd and some dear older friends. It was literally freezing last night but he had about five layers of clothing as he knew they would eventually end up outside. It was in a smaller house but with large outdoor spaces with beautiful gardens.

We are planning to finish our Christmas shopping today. Lunch will be enjoyed together. I know I will being hearing stories all day about things that happened last night.

I just heard some creaking of the floors in the hallway. Here he comes. Slowly. Coffee is being made. We might be out in the world a bit later than we had planned!

The week ahead is going to be a whirlwind. The only bad news is that William will not be with us on Christmas. He has a major staph infection and is on antibiotics for three weeks. Too much travel. Immune system depleted. My mother's heart wants to fly up and make him Chicken Noodle Soup. He told us he would be down in February. I will be counting the days.

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