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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Working Towards Saturday

I fell into bed exhausted last night. Today is going to be even more of a push. My focus is to make it to Saturday intact and well. Period. After mom's eye appointment today and I drop her off at her house so she can go to her volunteer job, I will head into the city. Rain is due about the time I will be driving home so it could get ugly. There will be enough time for dinner then I will try to dodge the raindrops while hauling my bass to the orchestra rehearsal. We are going to run the program from start to finish, in order. I love that. There are very few stop and starts and I can determine where I have problems.

As I made the bed this morning, my thoughts went to how it will feel to fall into it late tonight.

The highly respected woman and Leslie came for the rehearsal yesterday. She loved hearing the bass playing Irish music, which is a rare event in the area. She is an excellent musician who plays one of the large Irish drums, a mandolin and a violin. And the bonus is that she was very nice. We will meet again next week.

Our usual group of Irish Fiddlers met last night and I was really fading towards the end. We have a gig on Friday night and have included some rather difficult Christmas music and a new song into the mix. Michael walked the bass home and I went straight to bed.

I have lost my disability placard. I think it was near the passenger seat floor of the car when I dropped mom off on Monday and, somehow, it got kicked out of the car at her place. No one has turned it in so I am applying for a new one today. It takes four week! I hear I can use the paperwork to prove I have a placard but I worry that a parking cop may not accept it. Yikes.

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