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Friday, January 6, 2017

No UTIs!

No traffic as I made my way up the coast and into the city for my early morning appointment at the university urology clinic. Once again, they took me early and I was out at my scheduled appointment time. I usually love that but yesterday, I was trying to kill some time before the rehab class.

The appointment went well, the UTIs are under control with Replens (over-the-counter) every three days and she added a fiber helper so I may end some of the current discomfort on occasion. She also told me that I will find that tight clothing will make my bladder unhappy and it will make me feel urgency. Such a smart doctor. We planned to meet in a year. If I do develop a UTI, we will have to consider hormone cream...I really don't want to add that to my poor prednisone laden body. I will eventually need her approval that all is under control for the lung transplant process down the road.

I made my way through the city and down to the Avenue. From the parked car, I made a phone call to the drug company, after reading an email for me to contact them, and learned that one of my eye drops is no longer covered by the insurance. Great. Then, I phoned the university hospital regarding the $2,700+ bill that is outstanding. Debbie told me that it was still under review and that the bill was marked as such so it is not past due. Well, this morning, I got an email that the bill is past due. Another phone call this morning...

The wonderful Dutch bakery called to me. It was only 9:30 but I was hungry for lunch. They have a fresh turkey salad over lettuce with beets, hard-boiled egg, cucumbers and a nice dressing on the side. I sat at the window and watched people walk by. It was so lovely to sit quietly and just drink in the world around me.

From there, I drove to rehab, sat in the lobby, chatted with a ton of people and phoned Sherman. I think he has given up. Tuesday, I am going to phone him and offer a piece of his favorite tiramisu if he comes on Thursday. His 93rd birthday is the following Saturday. If I can get him back to rehab, I think he will feel better and return to the class on a regular basis. We chatted and I got him to laugh out loud a few times.

By the time class came around, I was really tired. At home, I yawned my way through the afternoon and dinner and fell into bed by 7:30. Done.

Today, mom has her shot in her eye then we will have a nice lunch. A huge storm is due Saturday morning through the weekend so we are staying home to watch the waterworks!

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