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Monday, January 9, 2017

Survived the Storm

The Coastal highway going north is closed for another hour due to many trees down on the road. The pass was closed for hours yesterday due to another large tree down. A major connector from the southern coast into the Silicon Valley is closed due to a huge redwood tree blocking the lanes. We are still dry and warm as the power only went out briefly, though we are surrounded by power outages. We lost no trees or fences, though there are several trees down in our neighborhood. We had no flooding.

It was one heck of a storm.

It is going to rain a bit today but nothing like yesterday. I am going to hit Trader Joe's early then spend the day with mom. There is nothing on our list of things to do.

Michael and I are beginning to choose our clothing, gather my medications and the other things we need to get away to Palm Springs in a week. We are way too excited! Something to look forward to.

Rather busy week ahead with two rehearsals, a gig, a surprise party, an appointment for mom, appointments for toenails and eyebrows for me and getting William's birthday card and gift in the mail. One day at a time!

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