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Friday, February 3, 2017

Board Meeting

Michael and I went to the Board meeting at my university hospital last night and learned so much. We met the head of all the clinics and he was blown away as we debated then answered his very specific questions. We solved several problems they had been wrestling with in the upper management meetings. Later, Michael and I agreed that it was well worth our time and effort to attend these meetings.

It was now late and raining and we were hungry. We thought we would stop at our favorite little place  down the road where we sometimes have lunch on Sundays. We were so surprise that the only other people there, also ordering dinner, were Wayne and Jill! We had dinner together and chatted for the first time in months. An hour later, we got home and I fell into bed soon afterward.

Today, I will be writing a first draft of a letter that we are asking to be sent out with the paperwork when a new patient is being seen in a clinic for the first time. Helpful hints from our Board. It is such a huge campus and we have heard that most people are shocked at the cost of parking because they had no warning, the chore of finding a good cup of coffee, where to get a blood test and understanding that it is a teaching facility and how that affects the patient. These are just a few of the issues we will be addressing in the letter. It was so daunting for all of us the first time we tried to navigate the system. We hope to make the entry a little easier.

My eyes are so much better today. The four different drops to be used at different times throughout the day is driving me nuts. I even have a note on each to remind me which one I need to take when! Crazy!

Mom and I will be together all day then, thankfully, nothing tonight. I hope to sleep well so I am strong for the orchestra concert tomorrow night.

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