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Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Day Together

George's visitation is tonight followed by the funeral tomorrow. With mom's surgery time not yet known, we want to go together tonight then Michael may have to attend the funeral alone. Sherman's daughter phoned with the information yesterday and we were able to chat. She and her sister are moving to the central valley to be closer to their cousins and to take advantage of the dramatically cheaper rents. They are struggling to clean out the house but must be out within a month.

Another death. Another funeral. It has been a rough year.

Michael and I dropped British Don's car off at the dealership early yesterday morning then I found a fantastic little breakfast place online. The reviews were excellent and it sounded like our kind of place. Nothing fancy. Good food. Lots of local support.

It did not disappoint! The ambiance was relaxed and featured mostly space aliens and sea creatures but the food portions were huge with a specialty of omelets. We passed on that but Michael had their breakfast burrito and a pancake (!). He didn't finish either but he kept making the yummy sound so I know he really liked it! I had their special of an egg, sausage, potatoes and toast. I ate some of the eggs and a sausage. The potatoes are going to be on Michael's dinner plate this evening and the sausages will be my breakfast this morning.

We tried to eat slowly and take our time as we needed to have his old phone wiped clean and needed the advice at an Apple Store or AT&T Store and they didn't open for another hour. We drove to The Avenue and discovered that the Apple Store was closed for renovation but found an AT&T Store several blocks away. A good walk. After just a five minute wait, the tech wiped it clean, figured out why the password didn't work and made the magic happen.

Hopping into the car, we worked our way to where Michael used to work and gave this old phone to his friend, who was in desperate need of a newer phone. I had not seen him in many years so it was good to spend a bit of time with him.

Home, I noticed Michael nodding off on the sofa. It was good to see him relaxed, a rare event. Later in the afternoon, the energy returned and he tackled the huge plant trimming project in one area of the front garden. He filled another two garden recycling containers and there will be a few more to be filled in the next couple of weeks. He was one hungry boy for dinner.

We laughed a lot. We talked a lot. It was such a nice day together.

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