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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hello, Hello!

The sofa came! It looks great, sits great but makes some noises and shakes when footrest rise. Not sure if we will need someone to come out to look at it. Thankfully, we bought the insurance for such things.

It was a wild day for me! While the sofa was coming through the front door, my sister phoned. They want to escape the obsessive heat next week coming down to the coast next Thursday through Saturday. Yikes! Thursday is rehab class, which I will need to cancel. Friday is always spent with mom and she has an appointment with a lawyer to make changes to her will this coming week. Lee said we would all go and have lunch together. Mom was not amused when I phoned to warn her about their visit. She is not allowed to wear any eye makeup for another week because of the surgery and she will still have stitches and swelling. Not how she wants to be seen in public. To continue, Friday night, the Irish Fiddling group is playing a gig at the organic market, which is not a venue to sit for two hours and listen. Michael said he would drop me off, let them listen to a song or two then take them for fish tacos and cheesy garlic bread topped with fresh crab. So stinkin' good.

Earlier in the morning, I had phoned mom to see how she slept through the night after the surgery. Then, I phone again about Lee's visit. While on the phone with Christien, mom phoned me. With gel in her eyes, she tried to pay her Comcast bill and messed up the password. I told her I would take care of it all on Monday.

Christien. After her mom died, it has been very difficult. Her brother is really over his head as executor, defensive anytime she asks a question and it turns out her financial situation was not what they were told it was for most of their lives. She was a most difficult woman and an even more difficult mother. So yesterday, Christien phoned several times with updates of her latest communications with her brother and planning her next steps. Then, Michael phoned while I was on the phone with Christien.

I think a phone was attached to my ear most of the day!

Michael did arrive home with groceries for the week as if by magic. Love that guy!

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