Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Around 3AM this morning, I was awake but beginning to doze. Michael adjusted his sheets and turned over and continued his walk through dreamland. As I begin to drift off, I suddenly felt something on my leg! It was everyone's creepy nightmare! I screamed, hopped up, threw off the sheet and blanket, turned on the light and there was a HUGE bug I had never seen before. Larger than a cricket. Not a spider. Michael was now up, dead from sleep and took the toilet paper I ran to get and grabbed it. My hero! It was huge! It also took me awhile to settle back to sleep as I kept thinking I felt things crawling on me!

Rehab class had been cancelled for me today because of mom's Prolia shot this morning then the new sofa delivery. Funny how life happens and things change. Mom's Prolia shot was cancelled and Living Spaces phoned last night to let us know that the new couch didn't make it to the distribution center and it would be another seven days before delivery. 

I am totally free today.

With joy in my heart, I am going shopping for new tops to wear when performing with the Irish Fiddling group. No time limits! No hurry! Time to wander! Exciting!

There are only two weeks left before my fractured knee should be totally healed. I notice that when I twist it getting into a car, I can still feel a twinge of pain so I am trying to remember not to do that! My other gout foot is so much better and I am no longer limping. I even walked all over the world yesterday in my new wedge sandals and had no pain. It feels great to get my life back!

What a fun day ahead!

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