Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, July 31, 2017


Nice weekend and we even saw a bit of sunshine yesterday! We had not heard from our son since returning from Europe so we texted yesterday. He replied an hour later that he was just getting off a plane from a couple of US concerts. I think we will hear from him today or tomorrow. I want to nail down our plans to spend time together in Palm Springs just after Christmas so I can make the reservations. We also love to hear about the concerts and any exciting food experiences during his travels.

The new sofa is great but I think we have a problem. We noticed that it is at least 1.5" lower in the center than at the ends, which makes the foot rests bump. A problem with the center support. I will be phoning them this morning.

Mom will be itching to get out and about today. With sunglasses to hide her surgery stitches, we will run some errands and go to lunch together. I want to make sure the surgery site looks good, with no swelling or redness.

Rehearsal tonight with the Irish Fiddling group. This is just the start of a very busy week with a Back-To-School lunch with Natalie, Winnie and Oliver; a two-day visit of Lee and Jeff; rehab class and finally the two Irish Fiddling gigs. Big week!

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