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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Acid Reflux Test

Lee and Jeff are due for their "escape from the oppressive heat" visit sometime early this afternoon. We'll hang out in the garden, open a bottle of wine for Lee and Michael has a new bourbon to share with Jeff. They will be here with Michael before I finish my appointment deep in the city.

It is 5AM and I just finished enjoying my coffee, breakfast and Miralax as I can have no food or water from 5-11AM. After 11AM, a sensor will be installed in my stomach through my nose for 24 hours and I will have to carry an attached small computer with me, which will gather the needed information regarding my acid reflux levels. Then, tomorrow morning, I will have to drive all the way back up to the furthest campus to have it removed and the information downloaded. I am so grateful to finally have this appointment but, having done this test twice before, it is not my favorite.

Yesterday, I picked up the house, ran errands then met Natalie, Winnie and Oliver for our Back To School luncheon. It was a wonderful surprise to have Ethan also join us. These children are clearly used to restaurants as they sat properly, placed their order directly with the waitress, engaged in conversation, ate with table manners and were delightful in the process. I am so blessed to have them in my life.

Today will be a challenge as I will be exhausted from not sleeping well last night then having to drive the grueling trip to the campus to have an even more uncomfortable test before driving home to company. It will be a challenging two days ahead. Unfortunately, I also am also booked to play a gig on Friday and Saturday nights. My Sunday plans include a lot of nothing!

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