Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Yesterday, I was rather surprised when I stepped on the scale at the nutritionist's office for the first time since January only to discover I had gained three pounds! Horrible! Well, it just has to come off immediately. What works for me is to write down every mouthful of food and calories attached to all meals and snacks. It is a good reminder to be more mindful and not to guesstimate how many calories I am eating. It will be gone soon!

I rushed home, told Michael then began to worry about whether my new dress would fit well enough for the wedding on Sunday! I tried it on and all was well. It looked fine. Good, in fact. Huge sigh of relief.

Once again, I was told that a person from the sofa company would be phoning yesterday, no one phoned so I called them back again. I got the same person I spoke with previously, he sent yet another urgent message to the warranty department to contact me and I only had to wait about twenty minutes before I finally heard from a person who could help.

Earlier in the morning, I had taken photos of the sofa's center support sitting on the floor and the gouges into the hardwood floors. She asked for these photos and I sent them while she was still on the line. It turned out that they may not even have the sofa in stock anymore and we agreed that we would go into the store to get a credit on our sofa and buy a new one. After my hair appointment today, Michael and I are going to meet over the pass to pick out our new sofa. It's too bad this one didn't work out as we really liked it.

Michael had been trying to get in touch with the insurance guy to complete his claim when his parked car was hit. It has been frustrating but they finally made contact with each other yesterday and repairs should begin soon.

It was contact day for us both, sofa problem for me and car problem for Michael. It was a good day!

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