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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sensor, Family and Music

Bless my sister for driving over the pass early yesterday morning, probably for the first time since we were teenagers, to take my mom to sign papers to change her will. At the same time, I was driving north into the city for the appointment to remove the acid reflux sensor from my stomach after being installed 24 hours earlier. She and mom had some time alone together and I think they both enjoyed it.

In the meantime, the plan was for the boys to take a walk along the ocean but IT WAS RAINING! It never rains in California in the summer. Ever. It was a tropical storm so it was warm and muggy and so much of what my sister and husband came to escape!

Right at noon, the lovely technician remove the sensor within a minute. She had me hold a piece of gauze under my nose and told me to take a long, slow inhale through my nose. She pulled it right out. It was no problem, no gaging, no shivers up my spine! It was such a relief to get rid of it. I zoomed back down the more difficult freeway past the airport to meet everyone at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. It was so much fun! Mom looked so happy being surrounded by family.

I drove mom home, Lee and Jeff drove back to their hotel for an hour, Michael drove our other car and we decompressed for minutes. It was time for the Irish Fiddling gig. I barely made it on time, my family stayed and listened for the first hour before I threw them out to meet me at the fish taco place in an hour. They had cocktails! And appetizers!

We had a lovely fish taco dinner then sat and talked afterward before saying our goodbyes. They are leaving sometime this morning to head back to the heat. British Don is back from his trip to Europe, we have to give him back his car so Michael is bringing him home this afternoon. He may stay for the gig this evening.

The schedule next week is totally nuts. Booked. Everyday will a challenge. I am hoping to use Sunday to gather my strength to survive it all. I just can't get sick for the wedding next Sunday.

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