Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Final Visit with Dr. K.

Michael and I are just hanging out together this morning before our appointment with Dr. K. this afternoon. It is nice to be in our jammies at 8AM! So unusual! We are going to run a couple of errands in town later this morning before finding lunch somewhere, which is going to be a light lunch as I am being weighed today and tomorrow!

Also, I need to pick the house up for the housekeepers coming tomorrow as we will be out the door by 7AM with not a minute to spare. Everything must be done and ready. I am so emotionally prepared for the appointment with the transplant clinic on Thursday.

One question for Dr. K. today: Since I have HP, which requires a genetic pre-disposition, can my new transplanted lungs also get HP? As she has handed me off to the transplant clinic, does that mean she won't be seeing me in the Chest Faculty Clinic anymore. If I have a problem with an infection, do I contact the transplant clinic? Thankfully, she is part of the transplant team so I will see her throughout the process. I also know she will support me behind the scenes.

At rehab class yesterday, I shared Dick's message with Sherman. He teared up. We talked together. Two friends. I made him laugh when I told him that I could maybe die on the table during the transplant and he, Sherman, would be the last of the three of us. At 91-years old!!

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