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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Getting Closer

The countdown begins. My mom arrives around 9:30 tomorrow morning and my brother and his wife by lunchtime. We will have the entire day together, a very rare treat. They are in town to see her son, her mom and her brother, who is in hospice but has stabilized.

The front yard is finished. Windows, front door, gardens, watered and ready. This morning, I will attack the back yard and clean the cobwebs, wash the windows, cut the grass, water, clean the swing then it, too, will be ready.

Food. The rest of the day will be cooking and baking. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners: crustless quiche with pancetta, zucchini and chives; hard-boiled eggs stuffed with tarragon cream cheese and wrapped in thin bacon and baked unit crispy; the butter for our open-faced  baked ham and cheese sandwiches for tomorrow's lunch; the barbacoa for lunch on Monday; strawberry pie; sun-dried tomato dip; pancetta and potato gratin for dinner Sunday night.

Anna, Michael's sister, is dealing with back spasms and I worry she will be in pain during the long car trip. She had some shots and is now on prednisone along with other drugs to try to calm it down. She has a problem with pain in her back, knees and feet. Osteoarthritis. They are checking to see if she has Rheumatoid arthritis. Let's hope not!

Once everything is done, I can relax and just enjoy the company. We will be taking long walks along the coastside, trying to spot some whales, strolling down Main Street, having pedicures, eating lunch out with Anna and Doug and just hanging out. Can't wait.

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