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Friday, October 28, 2016

Energy Nuggets

I actually ate three meals yesterday! Maybe I am recovering! I didn't eat much during the day but was able to eat a normal dinner of half a chicken breast covered with fresh tomatoes, BBQ sauce, a bit of cheese, scallions and a bit of cooked bacon all baked together to make BLT Chicken. It was delicious.

Last night's rehearsal for the fund-raising concert went well and I was grateful that I was able to take an hour nap earlier in the afternoon. My timing was also perfect because the rain paused as I hauled my bass into and out of the rehearsal space.

Regarding dinner, tonight's are sitting on covered plates ready for us this evening before we leave for the Irish Fiddling gig in a tiny bar just north of us. Michael commented that because I cook each dinner for two nights, he is able to judge what he eats for lunch. If we are having fish, he has a heavier lunch. Meat? He makes sure he does not have meat for lunch.

The real reason I do this is because I learned in Pulmonary Rehab that it saves a lot of physical energy. They called them energy nuggets. If I can park in the disability spot instead of further away from the door of a store, that is saving energy nuggets. If I use paper plates instead of real plates that need rinsing and placing into a dishwasher then removing from the dishwasher then returned to the shelf, that is saving energy nuggets. All these little nuggets are then saved for later in the day when I could use them to do an additional activity of daily living.

If I can save energy nuggets from NOT having to make dinner but still have a healthy dinner waiting for us in the refrigerator from the night before, that is the goal. I am relieved that I then don't have to clean the kitchen, except to place silverware in the dishwasher. Paper plates are tossed. Done. Tons of saved nuggets!

Consider cooking dinner for two evenings. Feel the glories of saving those energy nuggets!

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