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Monday, May 30, 2016

A Day to Remember

Happy Memorial Day! In years past, I have blogged about my uncle, Jerome. He was mom's brother who was a navigator on a Flying Fortress. He was filling in for another navigator when they experienced engine problems past the point of no return during a bombing run over Bremen, Germany. A submarine base. The plane was a sitting duck, hit by flack and crashed into a farmhouse. His body was never found, even during a search for him after the war. It changed mom's life as she was a pre-teen, her mom disappeared into grief and they never celebrated Christmas again. She loved and admired her bother. He was already an actor, a published poet, a published composer and a pianist. He loved math and physics. He had a great future ahead of him. This is always a difficult holiday for my mom. It brings back a flood of memories. We will also remember him today.

In other news: British Don was bumped in his new/old car (Michael's former car) and it is without a bumper in our garage. We are going to do a quick run over the pass this morning to grab it and get home. The coastside was totally packed with tourists yesterday and we expect more today as it is predicted to be HOT over there and COOL over here. Later, we need to buy some Peet's Coffee beans for next week and I think Michel is taking me to lunch someplace. We still have sneaky places that the tourists don't know about. Also, I think British Don may try to make it down here later this afternoon to pick up his car.

The only thing that might save us from the massive onslaught of tourists today is the local sports scene. The Giants play at 10AM, the Sharks at 5PM and the Warriors at 6PM. The local teams are doing really well!

I almost killed myself by doing almost five hours of gardening yesterday. It felt great but I was really dragging and even snored through the night.

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