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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Glaucoma Surgery to Relieve Pressure

It was stressful. I met with the glaucoma doctor at 11:00 and my pressures were down a little. The left eye dropped from 40 to 32. Clearly, not low enough. An appointment in the same day surgery department in my rehab hospital across was immediately made, I moved my car, registered and by 12:30, I was having the laser treatment.

It didn't hurt but the huge thing shoved into my eye to keep it opened was irritating. He hit the eye with 80 little laser blasts. My eye felt really strange afterward but was better when the gel was washed out. I worried because I really couldn't see clearly.

We made a deal to meet back at his office in an hour and I was starved. The cafe in the hospital is horrible but there was really no other choice.  I thought I would grab a hot dog. When I got there, the weekly special was a chicken shawarma. Oh yum. I was so hungry that the bells in the head were saying, "Try me! Try me!"

It was served on a base of homemade hummus with freshly grilled onions, tomatoes and slices of chicken with the shawarma spices on top. A few picked pickles were also scattered about. I have to say, it was delicious or I was REALLY hungry.

Back to the doctor's office, we checked the pressures again. No change. The treatment causes the  pressure in the eye to actually increase but then settles down. I was also given yet another eye drop to use once a day for 5 days to help with inflammation.

So, I headed home not feeling great and worried that I really could not see well. All afternoon, I kept checking to see if I could read smaller print. No. Blurred. The orchestra dress rehearsal time was getting closer and closer and...The other issue was that it was dripping. Watering.

Before the rehearsal, I wiped around the eye then gently applied some base and pretty much left it alone. Wearing glasses, Julie from the Irish Fiddling group picked me up for the rehearsal as our little car was still in the shop. More stress.

The rehearsal? Went well. I couldn't see some of the time, when the music was fast and there were lots of notes in a measure but other did that, not too bad. I think if I concentrate really hard, the concert will be fine.

This morning, my eye feels fine. I have a feeling the pressure is going down and I am looking forward to seeing the eye doctor once again next week.


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