Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you are with your valentine today. Love to you all!

It was one of those days yesterday. Constant stress and feeling the pressure! There were signs along the way, the first being a quick stop at Starbucks on our way to Mom's appointment for her Prolia shot. There were several people in line ahead of us, a new person behind the counter and apparently, there was a problem. No drinks were being made, no orders were being taken, people were looking frustrated so mom and I turned around and left.

Traffic to her university hospital was bad and it took extra time. We hit the access road where traffic was stopped. We made it through a light then...stopped. Finally, we were in line for valet parking where we waited and waited for more precious minutes.

We were watching the clock as my liver doctor had a phone appointment with me at 1:00PM. We checked in to get mom's shot before her 11:00 appointment, thought it should take about 20-minutes until we were told that the doctor was seeing her.


I was feeling the minutes tick by.

The doctor was fantastic, as always. We talked about her two young boys who are both in music lessons. I shared a few tips for parents on how to deal with practice time and other tips to keep them from quitting when it gets tough. She had us wait in the waiting room for the RN who would be giving my mom her shot. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. We discovered that it has to be out of the refrigerator for 15 minutes before injecting. The wonderful RN arrived, took mom away while I kept glancing at my watch. 12:30PM.

We thought we would stop in the mall for a hot dog and wait for my doctor to phone. We paid for the valet parking then we waited for her car. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. It was 12:50 when it finally arrived. We drove to the mall near the hospital, parked and my cell phone rang. It was my doctor, right on time!

It was an interesting appointment, we reviewed some tests, planned for another phone appointment and lab tests. Goodbye.

Hot dogs? Nope. We were starved so we went to PF Chang's and had a wonderful lunch. To add to the stress, Michael left his garage clicker in my car so he had no way to get into the house. We were running much later than usual and I was worried that he would be waiting in the driveway for me while I was enjoying a late lunch. We ate then headed home.

The major artery to mom's was backed up for miles. They had two of the three lanes blocked off and it took forever to get through it. We kept driving north where we ran into more roadwork. It was very frustrating.

I pulled into mom's parking garage at 3:00. I still had to get home. Traffic on the pass was heavy and slow, of course. It was utter relief when I pulled into the driveway. It had been a very stressful day. Michael phoned from Wayne's house as he was trying to find a water leak in Evan's car. He didn't get home until 5:00. What a day.

Today, rehab class. I am looking forward to it.

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