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Monday, February 27, 2017

Tule Fight

Another week begins. It is terrifying how quickly each week ticks away. It's the end of February already! I try to appreciate each and every day, grateful to still be physically active. We stayed in and tried to relax yesterday. Michael had been fighting with some tule in a beautiful garden pot that needed to be replaced. It was so stuffed in the pot that no water was able to drain. It was a wet, soggy mess. For two weeks, we had it sitting on its side, trying to get the water to drain or dry out a bit. We attacked it together yesterday.

At one point, Michael was on the ground with his feet on the top of the heavy pot on its side, trying to pull sections of the plant out. It was stubborn. It began to come out it pieces but still held onto the soggy roots. Finally, after a long struggle, it gave up and he won. It ended up in the recycle bin. We looked at each other. There are two others that need to be removed from their pots. Dare we try more? We rolled one of the other ones out to the front near the recycle bin, both of us grabbed it and pulled. Believe it or not, it came right out! BOOM! Into the bin it went! Success. We will have to wait another week to remove the final tule from its pot and are trying to decide what should be planted into those pots.

Off to lunch! We went to the little farm to table place near us, Michael refused to split anything as he was really hungry so I had a small cup of chili. It was delicious! I am trying to watch my calories as I see the nutritionist on Thursday for the first time since October. We had a light dinner last night.

This morning, I am leaving early to work out at the other rehab before taking mom to her monthly shot in her eye to fight macular degeneration. It will be a nice day together. A good way to start the week.

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