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Friday, February 10, 2017

Road Closed

I was a little worried about getting home from the rehab class yesterday afternoon. Carefully, I made my way over the pass. It was flooded in areas but I was most worried about falling trees. It was about 2:30, I took a deep breath when I pulled into the driveway. Michael also made his way home shortly afterward as he, too, was worried about being stuck on the other side of the hill.

Around 4:15, we received an email alert that the road was closed, just in time for rush hour! Michael called his former car pool friend to warn him then our neighbor phoned to warn Michael that the road was closed, not knowing he was already home.

Mike, just across the street from us, was actually on the pass when it closed and we kept watching his driveway to see how long it took for him to get home. He was told to turn around then headed north and made his way to the coast to arrive in our little town from the north. It was over two hours before he got home. Misery.

Today, I hope to get over the pass before another tree falls! Highway 1 just south of town is closed as is the ridge road that Michael and I often drive in the summer. Both closed due to fallen trees.

Mom and I are heading to the Mini dealer again as her Check Engine Light came on just after it was serviced on Monday. Back down to the Silicon Valley again!

So, I am a bit nervous about the road today. I need to be home, make dinner and be in the organic market at 4:45 to play with the Irish Fiddling group for two hours. As others of the group must also come over the pass from work, I sure hope we all make it!

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