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Monday, February 13, 2017

Doctor and Doctor and Sunshine

We are enjoying a few days of sunshine before the rains begin on Wednesday for another week of showers. It was a good weekend for my body as I worked out in the gardens both days AND other chores including washing our sheets and doing a lot of ironing. With that all behind us on Sunday afternoon, Michael and I sat under the umbrella on the back patio and just enjoyed the mild weather. Quiet. Peaceful.

I am feeling the best I have felt in a long time. My breathing is better. My coughing has lessened. I am not so exhausted. Working in the gardens was fun instead of feeling like a chore that needed to be done.

The latest things to help scheduling specialists at my university hospital is to have a meeting via phone, if appropriate. In my case, it is a 6-month check-in with my liver doctor. The appointment is set for fifteen minutes beginning at 1:00. It is a rather brilliant idea, especially for someone like me who is stable. I am sure he will order blood tests just to make sure all is well.

Before his call, I will be with mom at the other university hospital for an 11:00 appointment for her Prolia shot. Hopefully, they will be on time, we can get out of there, have a bit of lunch before my doctor phones. Should be interesting.

One of the things I have been pushing at our meetings with the patient advisory board at my university hospital is a letter to be included with the initial paperwork to be mailed to first time patients. The place is huge, on three campuses, the parking is confusing, patients don't know they will be seeing a resident along with a supervising physician, a mention of patient's responsibilities like knowing medications and even simple things like where to find a good cup of coffee. There is a sub-group working on it with me. This weekend, I gathered all their suggestion from the first draft, made changes and will be sending Draft #2 back to this sub-group to get their approval before presenting it to the entire group in March. I was worried that with our group of a Type A personalities, I might not get a consensus about the tone, structure or content of this letter but so far, so good.

I love starting the week with my medication containers filled, the groceries for the week are in the house, the wash is done, the sheets are clean, the yards are done and gas is in the both cars. I am ready for anything!

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