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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Endless Traffic

Mom and I spent the whole day together in the car, or at least it felt like it. My ride over the pass was slow and once we got on the road to the Silicon Valley Mini dealership, we were stalled at every junction. Even to get to the freeway, there was a traffic jam due to schools along the way. On the freeway, it was slow and stressful.

We arrived early to our appointment, were setting in with a good card game when our favorite Jennifer came to get us. It was done. The reason the Check Engine Light came on after we were there on Monday was because the tech did not push the oil dip stick all the down. Off we went back north, in horrible traffic, to mom's to get some coupons for some shopping.

The second large and different freeway to the mall was so backed up that a 15-minute trip took over 30-minutes. Traffic Karma was not going our way. We had been sitting in traffic for most of the day! We shopped at JC Penney's then went to lunch and brought home leftovers. Michael loved them: Red Lobster rice and their biscuits. I added asparagus and parmesan chicken so he had a very rich dinner.

The Irish Fiddling gig at the organic market went really well. They served champagne and chocolate in three little stations right next to us. A chocolate fountain and strawberries! Chocolates! Usually, we have people pause to listen to us as they arrive or are leaving but last night, they stayed! We had a standing audience. One woman stayed over an hour. It was a lot of fun. People were keeping time to the music and even dancing a bit. It was fun.

Today, it's into the gardens for me. I am looking forward to taking it back from the storms.

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